The Candidates for the HPA2013 Grand Awards 
Categories ID Title of Works
Portrait & Costume 4481 Costumes of Inca Indians
Portrait & Costume 7014 Somba
Portrait & Costume 8002 Uzbek Woman’s Traditional Dress and Jewellery
Portrait & Costume 8015 Afro-Hairstyles
Portrait & Costume 8879 Eternal Artistry
Portrait & Costume 8882 Colored Costumes
Portrait & Costume 9392 Uigurs in Kashgar Old Town
Portrait & Costume 9427 The Jaqaru People of Peru
Architecture 966 Building The Traditional House of Sumba at Wainyapu Traditional Village.
Architecture 3164 Bagan, Our Fortune
Architecture 3383 Buddha of Sukothai
Architecture 3410 The Art of the Gurunsi Village
Architecture 3976 Islamic Dome
Architecture 5284 Stone Spouts at Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Architecture 5297 Lamp of Heritage
Architecture 5736 Silk Road - Historical Ruins in Xinjiang
Architecture 5768 Tibetan Wall Building Culture In Dzongsar
Architecture 6943 Le Louvre
Architecture 6964 Expressiveness of Windows
Architecture 7883 Faith
Architecture 8742 Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Living and Production Custom 64 Bazar
Living and Production Custom 542 Nostagia of the Old Public Bathhouse
Living and Production Custom 790 Daily Life in a Village in Southern Sudan
Living and Production Custom 969 Log Rafting in Yalu River
Living and Production Custom 1353 Carpathian Shepherds
Living and Production Custom 1401 Rural Moments
Living and Production Custom 2051 Quay Porters
Living and Production Custom 3954 Traditional Hat Making in France
Living and Production Custom 5376 Chipri
Living and Production Custom 5544 Migration in the High Way
Living and Production Custom 7906 Last of the Sea Nomads
Living and Production Custom 7975 Xiangyun Silk - Ancient Fabric
Living and Production Custom 8590 Romanian Gypsy Brick Makers
Living and Production Custom 8599 Sulphur Mines
Living and Production Custom 9572 Fishermen at River Huai
Living and Production Custom 9694 The Brickyard and the Quarry
Living and Production Custom 9900 The Agriculture in Anatolia
Festivities 1584 Timeless Dance
Festivities 3701 Bolivian Tradional Band
Festivities 3855 National Day of Kuwait
Festivities 5048 Folk Customs Events in Taiwan
Festivities 5080 Manazuru Kifune Festival.
Festivities 7127 The Nyau Dancers
Festivities 7523 Misteri
Festivities 7914 The Burial of the Sardine
Festivities 8791 Al Dhafra Camel Festival
Festivities 9877 Lalibela-Journey to Jerusalem of Africa
Festivities 9878 Echoes of Chiristain Jerusalem
Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology 1742 Marinera:Flirty Dance on Horseback
Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology 4622 Taichi of Wudang Mountain
Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology 4823 Parade of Cloth Horses
Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology 4876 War Game of Pasola
Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology 5218 Hajj-Faith in Motion
Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology 5331 Sport in Our Heart
Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology 8651 Night School
Traditional Rite 1435 Iemanja in Uruguay
Traditional Rite 2333 Maturity Ceremony
Traditional Rite 2994 Turpan prayers
Traditional Rite 3512 Revival Church
Traditional Rite 4183 Erzya Wedding Ceremony
Traditional Rite 5407 Celebration - Firecrackers for the New Borns
Traditional Rite 5444 Fasting & Devotion
Traditional Rite 5581 The Bai Funerals
Traditional Rite 6953 The Tujia Dancing Women
Traditional Rite 7311 Passion of Christ