HPA2000 Award Ceremony and Primier Exhibition

On September 30, 2000, the 2nd HPA Award Ceremony and the premier exhibition are held at Beijing Liangmahe Hotel.


List of Winners HPA2000

List of Winners HPA2000


Jury of Humanity Photo Awards 2000

Mr. Shen Che (China)Photographer-explorer.Founder & President of China Folklore Photographic Association.Creator and designer of the international photographic contest, Humanity Photo Award.Advocator of World Folklore Photographic


HPA1998 Video

HPA1998 Video



By Nan KangningThe China Folklore Photographic Association was established on December 30th, 1993. On August 26th, 1998, the results of the first China International Folklore PhotographyCompetition (Humanity Photo Awards) were announced in


List of Winners HPA1998

List of Winners HPA1998


HPA1998 Photo Evaluation Going On

The 1st HPA final photo evaluation is held in Beijing International Hotel in August 1998. The jury consisting 9 members from France, Netherland, Bangladesh, Japan, Switzerland, UK and China are working on the final evaluation. 


Jury of Humanity Photo Awards 1998

Jury of Humanity Photo Awards 1998  Mr. Shen Che (China)In the past 17 years, Mr. Shen has visited and photographed 51 minority people all over China, he has also photographed folk customs in India, Japan, Korea, Britain, Holland

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