The Alfred Fried Photography Award has extended its submission date until this June 10, 2016

Except for the participation of experienced jury panel in Austria, the jury has sent a special invitation to President of CFPA, Mr. Shen Che to join them as well this year. Therefore, the organizers of the event, including UNESCO, are inte


HPA2015 Video

HPA2015 Video


Italian Winner's Article about HPA2015 Gets Published in One of the Most Influential Photography

Claudio Marcozzi, an award-winning photographer of HPA2015 in Italy, his article about HPA2015 got published in one of the most Influential Photography Magazines in Italy, January issue of 2016, called "Fotografia Reflex". In the article, C


Photographer Mr. Jorge Sarmento Shares His Honor and Joy with Characters of His Winning Work

《Goatherds in Portugal》 from the Portuguese photographer Mr. Jorge Sarmento has won the documentary photo award in HPA2015. Just right before this Christmas, he showed CFPA a valuable photo of the goatherd couple Olímpio And Fátima hold


《Memories of the Mankind Ⅸ》-Purchase Now!

In celebration of the Humanity Photo Awards 2015(HPA2015) being held successfully, the HPA2015 winning photo albums 《Memories of the Mankind Ⅸ》are available for participants who are interested in purchasing. Quantity is limited, and you


Comments from Juries on Jury's Special Awards

IDTitleReason for vote12434Dance with Gods:June Festival in QinghaiBeautifully compositions documented with every dimention and perspective of the ritual. The series of photographs had great moments, action, atmosphere, humor, details, repe


News Report from Italy: Humanity Photo Awards2015

Mr. Salvatore Valente, the winner of HPA2015, shared his awarded honor being reported in the Italian media with China Folklore Photographic Association. Salvatore won a nomination award in the category of architecture and a performance awar


Call for Photos about HPA2015 Events

We would love to have some of your photo collections about HPA2015 events. The photographer we have arranged will focus more on stories for official news. The part about private conversations and personal stories, which are full of delights


Jury of Humanity Photo Awards 2015

Mr. Shen Che [China]Mr. Shen Che is the founder and president of China Folklore Photographic Association (CFPA), designer and initiator of Humanity Photo Awards and also the president of World Folklore Photographers Association. He served a


HPA2015 Award Certificate Ready for Downloading

Before its final termination, HPA2015 website is taking up its last mission of providing certificate-downloading service to winning photographers. The service is available today. The service of downloading participation certificates is stil

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